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Our Products


We provide Indoor Units which are compact with PPGI / Stainless steel body fitted with copper tubes, aluminum fins, and centrifugal or axial fans, Designed for cold rooms with fresh /frozen goods having room temperature from +20°C to -40°C. Our Indoor Units provide superior Heat Transfer with low noise levels and excellent corrosion resistance.


We offer the broadest, most reliable condensing unit product line possible. Leveraging the latest in compressor technology (Scroll, Semi-Hermetic, Hermetic ,Reciprocating, Single Screw, Twin Screw) , each platform provides you the option to select the refrigerant, horsepower, and application temperature combinations that meet your requirements. We provide Condensing Units which are compact in their design with UV and corrosion resistance and engineered for higher efficiency, lower sound levels, superior durability and unsurpassed reliability.


We offer controllers from leading brands which are:

  • User friendliness & Economical
  • Free Voltage & Compact Design
  • Precise Temperature control & Reliability
  • Error & Alarm Display
  • Compatible


We offer PUF Panel systems which are highly sophisticated in construction industry, produced with profiled PPGI /PPGL steel and combined with PUR/PIR as insulation material. These are specifically designed to cater all kinds of cold storage applications. The PUF panels offered by us are from the leading manufactures which are economic with their high thermal insulation properties.


We offer wide range of PUF insulated doors like hinged doors, Sliding doors, Sectional over head doors & CA doors from leading brands which are best suited for temperature controlled areas .The doors feature Hermetic sealing which prevents leakage, easy to operate, energy efficient & long run service.